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Contact Brooke Cavaliere  Brooke Cavaliere Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Alex Garcia  Alex Garcia Kindergarten Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Delise Hoy  Delise Hoy 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Erica Percifull  Erica Percifull 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Gina Sena  Gina Sena 1st/2nd grade Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Erica Encinias  Erica Encinias 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Tracy Hausermann  Tracy Hausermann 2nd grade Teacher
Contact Gina Sena  Gina Sena 1st/2nd grade Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Michelle Chavez  Michelle Chavez 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Leanne Clark  Leanne Clark 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Lila Sanchez  Lila Sanchez 3rd Grade Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Shelly Montoya  Shelly Montoya 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Todd Stewart  Todd Stewart 4th Grade Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Anna Dreskin  Anna Dreskin 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Brandee Martinelli  Brandee Martinelli 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Lisa Tschida  Lisa Tschida 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Juliana Hagel  Juliana Hagel Teacher
Literacy Teacher
Physical Education
Contact Jason Domina  Jason Domina (505) 299-1937 ex: 36408 Physical Education Teacher
Special Education
Contact Christine Bauer  Christine Bauer Special Education Teacher
Contact Lynette Ben-Back  Lynette Ben-Back Occupational Therapist
Contact Lisa Bishop  Lisa Bishop Special Education Teacher
Contact Kari Casias  Kari Casias Gifted Teacher
Contact Trisha Dreskin Evans  Trisha Dreskin Evans Special Education Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Mcmillan  Elizabeth Mcmillan Special Education Teacher
Contact Megan Weber  Megan Weber Speech Language Pathologist
Contact Alice Weeda  Alice Weeda Special Education Teacher
Educational Assistants
Contact Lynn Armstrong  Lynn Armstrong Kindergarten Educational Assistant
Contact Shirley Baca  Shirley Baca Educational Assistant
Contact Laura Figueroa  Laura Figueroa Kindergarten Educational Assistant
Contact Carla Irwin  Carla Irwin Health Assistant
Contact Teri Mauldin  Teri Mauldin Educational Assistant
Contact Crystal Morrow  Crystal Morrow Educational Assistant
Contact Brooke Panzer  Brooke Panzer Special Education Educational Assistant - Cross Categorical
Contact Joyce Silva  Joyce Silva Educational Assistant
Contact Cathy Taylor-crites  Cathy Taylor-crites Educational Assistant
Contact Karla Torres Ramirez  Karla Torres Ramirez Educational Assistant
Contact Paul Uebelhoer  Paul Uebelhoer Educational Assistant
Contact Jennifer Brown-ellington  Jennifer Brown-ellington Library/Tech Assistant
Contact Ana Sanchez  Ana Sanchez Principal
Contact Gina Cruz-szabo  Gina Cruz-szabo Dean of Students
Contact Bernadette Burr  Bernadette Burr Secretary
Contact Jennifer Berryman  Jennifer Berryman Clerk
Contact Martha Glenn  Martha Glenn Counselor
Contact Susan Bowdoin  Susan Bowdoin (505) 299-1937 Library Media Specialist
Contact David Doxtator  David Doxtator Redirector
Contact Anne-marie Collins-hornyak  Anne-marie Collins-hornyak Nurse
Social Worker
Contact Trisha Martinez  Trisha Martinez Social Worker
Contact Beverly Elks  Beverly Elks (505) 299-1937 ex: 36494 Cafeteria Manager
Contact Wo Yim  Wo Yim Cafeteria Worker

Cafeteria Phone: (505) 253-9310

Contact Rosa Mendiola  Rosa Mendiola Night Custodian
Contact Cecilia Salmeron  Cecilia Salmeron Night Custodian
Contact Paul Zamora  Paul Zamora Head Custodian