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Greetings! ☺  You have clicked on the Counseling tab of Mitchell Elementary’s school website.  

My name is Marty Glenn and I am the Mitchell School Counselor. I welcome a chance to listen and respond to any situation where you might need more support.

My general contact information is:

Mitchell Elementary school number is 299-1937.  

During school year (SY) 20-21, I will mainly be working from home while we are in online learning mode due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  You may call me using a Google Voice number of 505-750-3895 or send me an email.  The school front office staff also does their best relaying messages that come in for me.  Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns for your child, their education, or if family challenges & stressors are present.  Just for your information now, the 24-hour help line is 1-855-NMCRISIS (662-7474).  

Click on this INFO LINK to go to my Google Website where there is more information on resources and topics.

THANK YOU!  Be well and safe out there!