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Hello Readers!

Welcome to the Mitchell Library! We're  missing the wonderful Mustang Readers this year, but are so glad to connect with you online. 

10 Reasons To Be A Reader

  1. Reading can happen anywhere, any time.
  2. Reading can be just for you, or something you share with a friend or reading buddy. 
  3. Reading can be a way to learn new things.
  4. Reading can help you expand your knowledge of something you've already learned about.
  5. Reading can take you all the way around the world, but you never have to leave where you are! 
  6. There are LOTS of different things to read! You can read fiction stories or nonfiction information books, newspapers, magazines, and even cooking recipes!
  7. You can read three different ways- with pictures, words, or by using your brain to retell a story.
  8. Reading directions can help you build things, such as a piece of furniture.
  9. Reading can be a way to connect with your pets! Did you know that dogs are particularly good listeners?
  10. Reading is a tool that you'll use every day of your life!