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Whatcha reading?

Reasons to LOVE reading!

I love to read.  It is great for so many reasons!

  • You can read anywhere, any time.
  • You can read alone or with a friend. 
  • You can read the same book as someone else and then talk about it, or you can read a book just because YOU want to.
  • You can read about things you love (I particularly like books about unusual animals.  Do you?)
  • You can read about a sport you play, or maybe one you'd like to play but haven't tried yet.
  • You can read fiction stories, or you can read nonfiction information books.
  • You can read three different ways- with pictures, words, or by using your brain to retell a story.
  • You can read to find out more information about a topic you already know about, or you can read about something completely new.
  • You can read things like recipes to learn how to make something new for dinner.
  • You can read directions that help you build a piece of furniture.
  • You can read to a pet (dogs are particularly good listeners!)
  • You can read song lyrics, or maybe even write your own and read those!
  • You can read the newspaper

And, readers, you can read electronic books, called eBooks. You can read them on your iPad or computer screen!  We have lots of eBooks in the Mitchell Library. I hope you'll click on the picture of Mitch the Mustang (off to the right-hand side on this page) to explore our virtual library and pick something to read today!


I'm looking forward to seeing my Mustang friends in our online classes soon, but until then, I hope you'll enjoy getting to know our digital collection. You can also visit the new library HOME PAGE for more information about our library!

See you soon!

Mrs. Bowdoin

Mitchell Librarian

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