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Check Out Library Materials

Who may borrow materials from the library?

  • Students, faculty, and parents may all check out library materials.
  • Kindergartners and first graders may borrow one book at a time.
  • Second through fifth graders may borrow up to two books at a time.

When may students check out materials from the library?

  • Materials may be checked out during each class' regularly scheduled library time.
  • Students may come to the library for check out with a pass from their teacher.

What materials may students borrow from the library?

  • Students may check out books from the Fiction, Nonfiction, and Everybody sections of the library.
  • Students are encouraged to make selections based on their own interests and curriculum needs.
  • During library class time, students learn strategies, such as the five finger test, for selecting books on an appropriate reading level. However, sometimes students may select a book that is too difficult for them simply because they like the subject, the pictures, or because an older sibling has read it. Usually, they discover that their inappropriate choices are not as exciting or fun as expected and begin making better choices.

What is the due date for books?

  • Books may be kept for one week. If a book is needed for a longer time, the item needs to be brought to the library for renewal. If books are kept beyond the due date, an overdue notice will be sent.
  • If you have questions about an overdue notice, please contact the librarian. Occasionally, the book does not cancel correctly on the computer and may actually be on the shelf. Sometimes, parents may send a book back to the school with a child, but it does not make it to the library. Either way, please let us know and we'll do our best to locate it.

What happens if a book is damaged or lost?

  • Students are responsible for the materials checked out to them.

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