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Update Your Contact Information

Children who become ill or injured must be picked up by a parent or authorized adult.

It is extremely important that you provide current emergency contact information so we can call you if your student becomes ill or is injured. Contact our clerk to update this information as it changes.


If possible, medications should be taken at home. It is recommended that most medications that are taken three times a day or less should be administered at home unless specified by the provider.

If a prescription medication is necessary during school hours, the nurse must have an APS Provider Order and Medication Authorization Form signed by a licensed health care provider and the parent/guardian of the student. It is against state law for school employees to administer medication without this authorization.

Health Screenings

The health office screens kinder, first, and third graders annually. We also screen children who are new to APS and have never been screened before, as well as students in special education services and students who have academic testing to qualify for special education services.

Depending on the grade of the student, certain screenings are required:

  • Kindergarten and Third: Vision, hearing, height, weight, and dental
  • First: Vision only

If you don't want your child to participate in health screenings, you must notify the health office in writing.